Surface Replication Kit 4400M

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The 4400M Surface Replication Kit features high-resolution Microset® replication compounds. It delivers a quick and convenient method of obtaining precise measurements in hard to reach places, such as threaded tubes and inside diameters. 

Typical applications:

  • No disassembly of the components
  • Comfortable measurement at the table
  • Creation of replica
  • For difficult to access surfaces

About Microset

Microset compounds are specially formulated two-part polymers, designed for high resolution replication of surface details. They are supplied in convenient and reliable cartridge application systems which allow replicas to be made, in any shape or size, of most solid non-porous surfaces. 

Microset compounds have sub-micron resolution making them ideal for the inspection of critical components. Replicas are dimensionally stable for geometric measurement and can be stored indefinitely for future reference. 

Microset replicas are high strength elastomeric materials and can be removed from holes, tubes and moderate re-entrant geometries without damage to the replica surface. This capability facilitates the inspection of internal machined surfaces that are inaccessible using the Optical Micrometer alone. 

Microset compounds are available in a variety of grades with varying cure times, viscosity and color to support different applications and environments. Compounds are easy to apply using a manual dispensing gun and an air-free mixing nozzle attached to the outlet of the cartridge. Each application delivers fully mixed replicating compound directly to the subject area.

Each Kit Includes
  • No disassembly necessary
  • Time and cost savings
  • Precise alignment
  • Fast drying time
  • Replicate surfaces accurately
  • Generates a negative of a damage
  • Very precise impression due to two-component adhesive
  • Measuring and evaluating with the 8400K Optical Micrometer
  • 1x 50ML Dispensing Gun 
  • 5x 50ML Replication Compounds (choice of grade) 
  • 5x 50ML Nozzle Packs (10/Pack) 
  • 1x Backing Slides (One Pack of 50) 
  • 2x Backing Paper (2 Packs of 40) 
  • 1x Tilting Stage Base 
  • 1x Tall Tripod Optical Micrometer Base 
  • 1x ABS Carrying Case
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