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Developed in collaboration with Powervamp, the PV45 ground power unit (frequency converter) improves on the successful PV40 GPU with increased power output as well as many additional features. In particular, the use of a 12-pulse rectifier provides improved input harmonics and power factor without compromising robustness and reliability.

Typical applications:

  • For 400 Hz continuous current in the hangar
  • Mobile for outdoor use
  • Automatic line drop compensation
  • Easy operation with data storage
Power 45 kVA
Voltage 200/115V
Power factor 0,7 lag – 0,9 lead
Frequency 400 Hz
Efficiency > 91 %
Overload 250% (Spitze)

Specifically designed for hangar use, this frequency converter is available with optional plinth for fixed indoor or outdoor installation. With a power rating of 45kVA, the PV45 ground power unit is targeted at the small to medium sized aircraft. The PV45 features:


  • Compact mobile design 
  • Heavy duty casters with brake 
  • High quality output suitable for all aircraft 
  • 12-pulse input rectifier 
  • Unique tactile key board with secret legend 
  • Unique super-large display for instant viewing and operator comfort 
  • Unique marine IP65 all weather controls 
  • IP 55 enclosure suitable for outdoor use 
  • Automatic line drop compensation 
  • Comprehensive easy-to-use intelligent control panel 
  • Data logging 
  • For civil or military use 
  • Pre-fitted input lead (specify length at time of order) 
  • Pre-fitted output lead with aircraft connector (specify length at time of order) 
  • Includes 30-foot (9.14 m) output cable and 50-foot (15.24 m) input cable. Cables are pig-tailed and plug-ready (no plug included).

The PV-45 is available in two main configurations:

USA Model (AERO Product ID: 2010375) 
Input Three Phase: 208V-480V three-phase 60Hz 
Color: Orange

EU Model (AERO Product ID: 2010489) 
Input Three Phase: 400V three-phase +/- 10% 50/60Hz 
Color: PV White

The PV-45 can also be installed as a fixed electrical ground power (FEGP) unit, providing fixed power and saving on aircraft APU usage while the aircraft is parked at the gate. As a manufacturer and exclusive provider of ground power at major air shows, Powervamp’s engineers have been uniquely placed to operate the company’s converters on all the world’s latest generation aircraft, gaining unrivaled data and experience while working alongside the airframe manufacturers’ test and field engineers. In this respect Powervamp is unique.


Input Isolator Switch 

  • Fitted with terminal shrouds and mechanical door interlock, this ensures maximum user safety as the door cannot be opened until the switch is in the off position. Once this switch is in the on position, the system is in standby ready for use, no complicated start sequence required!


  • The rectifier supplies low ripple DC to the inverter section using rugged 12- pulse technology, the rectifier offers near unity input power factor (>0.97) with low harmonic content.
  • Near Unity Power Factor = Lower input current
  • Low Harmonic Content = Less strain on the electrical infrastructure


  • The inverter converts the DC supplied from the rectifier into high quality 400Hz AC using the latest PWM technology, the PV45 inverter is highly efficient whilst providing a clean output (< 2% THD) suitable for all aircraft.

Output Transformer 

  • Using high grade steel ensures a compact, lightweight and efficient transformer which acts as a filter and also provides the required galvanic isolation.

Output Contactor 

  • Complete with interlock, the output contactor ensures power is isolated from the plug until the aircraft is ready to accept power.

Standard Features

High Overload Capability 

  • Modern aircraft demand high overload capability; the PV45 offers compatibility with all modern aircraft.

Auto Connect 

  • After ground support press the on button, the system will run for up to 10 minutes, if during this time the pilot requests ground power, power is automatically connected without any further intervention from ground support.

Automatic Line-drop Compensation 

  • The automatic line-drop compensation ensures each phase is individually adjusted to achieve the correct voltage at the aircraft plug. The compensation can be adjusted easily via the user interface panel (when in service mode). 
  • Remote Control/Monitoring Connections 
  • Remote on /off/monitoring allows the system to be controlled and monitored from a distance either from the aircraft plug or via remote switches at the end of a cable carrier system.

Safety Features

Neutral Monitoring 

  • The aircraft is referenced to earth via the neutral conductor, this means it’s critical that the neutral conductor is not disconnected as this can cause the aircraft body to rise up to an unsafe potential. The PV45-1 monitors the neutral conductor via the interlock cable and disconnects the output in the event of neutral cable failure.

Emergency Stop 

  • An emergency stop button is fitted as standard, when pressed, the output will rapidly disconnect and the system will shut down in a controlled manner.

Aircraft Interlock 

  • Selectable via the control panel, the interlock can be setup for either civil or military interlock types. The interlock ensures output power is not energised unless the plug is connected to the aircraft and the interlock signal is received.

Rear Door Interlock 

  • Ensures the rear door cannot be opened without isolating the input power.



Double Door Seals 

  • Dual seals on all doors for improved ingress protection.

Rust Treatment 

  • The enclosure is pre-treated with a rust inhibitor to extend the life of the enclosure.

Paint Finish 

  • Powder Coat paint finish suitable for outdoor use. Standard colour is RAL7035, other colours available.


  • Heavy duty casters fitted as standard making the PV45 easy to manoeuvre around the hangar. Brakes fitted to the front swivel casters for added safety.


Control Panel

LCD Screen 

  • A large blue-backlit LCD screen provides detailed information of the supply and output parameters. Intelligent system status updates are also displayed providing the user with live system and interlock information.

Status Indication 

  • High Intensity LED status indicators provide instant status overview: GREEN: System Healthy AMBER: System in Alarm RED: System Fault

Menu Function 

  • Simple menu navigation allows easy access to additional features and settings.

Easy Robust Operation 

  • Large rubber ON/OFF buttons offer easy robust control of the system in all weather conditions.

Secret-till-lit Technology 

  • The PV45 offers unique secret-till-lit technology simplifying user operation and allowing the same control panel to be used for various applications. The illustration below shows the combinations available.


  • Real time data logging of system operations as well as alarm data. Each entry is date stamped for accurate diagnosis. Output power consumption is also logged at 5 minute intervals.



The PV45 is packed with electronic protections to ensure that the system protects the user/aircraft and system during abnormal conditions. 

  • No Break Power Transfer (NBPT)
  • Output Neutral Monitoring
  • Output Overload
  • Output Short Circuit
  • Output Under/Overvoltage
  • Output Current Limit
  • Over Temperature
  • Aircraft Interlock
  • Input Supply Monitor (voltage & frequency)
  • Input Phase Rotation


  • Output active power (kW): 36.0 
  • Apparent output power (kVA): 45.0


  • Number of phases: 3 
  • Nominal input voltage: 200V/240V/400V/480V 3 wire + E (+/- 10%) 
  • Nominal input frequency: 50/60Hz (+/- 10%) 
  • Rectification topology: 12 Pulse 
  • Current distortion: < 15% @ 100% load 
  • Power factor: > 0.97 @ 100% load 
  • Inrush current: N/A 
  • Maximum input circuit breaker: 63A/125A (depending on voltage input selection)


  • Nominal output voltage: 200/115V Three phase + N + E 
  • Static voltage regulation: < 1% 
  • Nominal output frequency: 400Hz (+/- 0.01%) 
  • Total harmonic distortion: < 3% (2% typical) 
  • Load power factor: 0.7 lag – 0.9 lead 
  • Voltage modulation: < 1% 
  • Phase angle symmetry: 120° (+/- 1) for balanced load, 120° (+/- 2%) 30% unbalanced load 
  • Dynamic response: MIL-STD-704


  • 45kVA @ 0.8PF Continuous 
  • 125% for 5 minutes 
  • 200% for 5 seconds 
  • 250% for 1 second


  • 100% load: > 91% 
  • 50% load: > 82% 
  • Standby losses: < 60W 
  • No load losses: < 2kW


  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +50°C 
  • Altitude: 2000m before de-rating 
  • Protection level: IP55 
  • Color: RAL 7035 (other colours available) 
  • Noise Level: < 65dBA @ 1m


  • Safety: EN 62040-1 
  • Emissions: EN 61000-6-3 
  • Immunity: EN 61000-6-2 
  • Specification for 400 Hz aircraft power: DFS400 
  • Aircraft ground support electric supplies: ISO 6858 
  • General requirements for ground support equipment: BS 2G 219 
  • Aircraft electric power characteristics: MIL-STD-704 
  • Ground equipment 400 Hz ground power performance requirement: SAE ARP 5015
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