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The Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth Vibration Expert (VXP) is the most powerful system available for vibration based maintenance. The VXP performs helicopter rotor track and balance, component balancing, engine analysis and complex vibration surveys with ease.

The VXP uses Windows™ operating system to simplify operation and provide seamless integration with application software.

Typical applications:

  • Balance rotors and propellers
  • Simultaneous measurement of vibration and tracking
  • Automatic calculation by software
  • Windows-based display unit
  • Consideration of the measured suggestions
  • Modifiable solutions
  • Random order

The VXP is designed to support all aircraft vibration test and balancing requirements – present and future.


The VXP is designed to support all aircraft vibration test and balancing requirements – present and future. The digital signal processor in the acquisition unit supports spectrum analysis, multi-plane balance, narrow-band tracking and broadband vibration tasks.

Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth’s VXP System consists of the VXP Acquisition Unit (AU), VXP Display Unit (DU), software, and associated carry-on kit and sensors. The VXP System interfaces to vibration and tachometer sensors located throughout the aircraft and additionally to the optional FasTrak™ Optical Tracker for Main Rotor blade tracking.

Why balance? When to balance?
  • Low-vibration flight through leaves that are as identical as possible
  • Significantly less material wear
  • Very sensitive due to the smallest changes
  • Balancing - like with car wheels
  • Track - leaves on one level
  • Upgrading a new sheet set
  • Exchange of single sheets
  • After a certain number of flight hours
  • Vibrations in flight

Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth Carry-On VXP Benefits/Features:

  • Crisp, sunlight readable, active-matrix color display 
  • Easy to use touch screen interface 
  • Fast six channel simultaneous data acquisition 
  • Expanded Smart Chart™ capabilities for balancing and analysis procedures 
  • Comprehensive input capabilities with 48 vibration, 6 photocell/mag, FasTrak™ and accessory channels
  • Portable, Onboard, Commercial and Military configuration available 
  • Performance of 75 KHz frequency range, resolution to 51,200 lines and > 90 dB dynamic range 
  • Instant feedback of maintenance actions with on-aircraft printer 
  • Clear on-screen help with graphics and troubleshooting procedures


Example VXP Kit for EC135

VXP Basic Kit (TE-Art.-No. 41170) Application Kit EC135
Acquisition Unit, Display Unit, cable Breakout Cable
FasTrak Kit (Optical Tracker) Bracket for Optical Tracker
Velocimeter Magnetic Pickup for Mainrotor
Brackets Software, Application Guide for EC135
Magnetic Pickup, Photocell
Circuit protection, Tab Tool, Color Spray
Printer Kit, case, pocket scale, software, manuals
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