Enhanced Vibrex 2000 Plus (EV2K+)

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Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth’s Enhanced Vibrex™ 2000 Plus (EV2K+) is a vibration analysis and balancing tool that rapidly and accurately acquires and analyzes aircraft and engine vibration data. It uses these data to calculate balance solutions and to analyze aircraft vibration levels across a broad frequency range.

Typical applications:

  • Optical tracker (FasTrak) for tracking
  • Up to 4 vibration measurement channels can be selected
  • 40 hours of battery operation
  • Offers solutions based on previous settings
  • Auto correction for learnable balancing

EV2K+ Digital Dynamic Balancer/Analyzer System for fixed wing propeller balancing or helicopter rotor track and balance with superior performance.


This balancer/analyzer acquires accurate propeller and helicopter vibration readings. Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth’s Enhanced Vibrex™ 2000 Plus will balance propellers without the need of a chart or use one of the 150 available paper charts, or factory charts, to balance your helicopter. Also capable of balancing shafts and blowers, the Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth Enhanced Vibrex™ 2000 Plus is a complete balancing tool.

Honeywell Chadwick Helmuth Enhanced Vibrex™ 2000 Plus Features include:

  • Helicopter rotor track & balance (RT&B) 
  • Vibration and spectrum analysis
  • Four channel input for multiple balance jobs (with optional cables) 
  • Two tachometer channels (mag pickup and photocell) 
  • Built-in configurations for popular helicopter models – can be modified and saved to meet user requirements or to support other helicopters 
  • Automatic weight sensitivity correction 
  • Uses common rechargeable or disposable D-cell batteries
  • Strobex or FastTrak™ for helicopter blade track 
  • Usable with all legacy Polar Charts 
  • ASCII output (non proprietary) 
  • Auto shutoff 
  • Auto tuning 
  • Display, review and print measurements and solutions 
  • Built-in-test (BIT) check and self calibration on power up 
  • Battery power indicator#

Helicopter Charts

A 109E AW 139 BO 105 MD 520N
A 119 BK 117 H 120 R 22
AS 332 BL 206B H 130 R44/R66 S 61
AS 350B BL 206L H 135 SW 300
AS 350B1 BL 212 H 145 UH-1H
AS 355 M/R BL 407 H 155
AS365 BL 427 M/R MD 500

Fixed Wing Charts

Antonov AN-32 Cessna Conquest Pilatus PC 6
ATR 42/72 Dehavilland Dash 4 Pilatus PC 7
BA BAE 146 Caribou Pilatus PC 9
Beechcraft 1900D Dehavilland Dash 5 Pilatus PC 12
Beechcraft Bonanza Dehavilland Dash 6 Piper Cheyenne
Beechcraft King Air Series Dehavilland Dash 7 Saab 340
Canadair CL215-T Dehavilland Dash 8 Shorts 312
Canadair CL415 Dornier 228 Shorts 330
Casa 212 Dornier 328 Shorts 360
Casa 235 Embraer 120 Shorts Tucano
Casa 295 Embraer Tucano T-27 Sweringen Merlin
Cessna Caravan II Lockheed C-130 (J only)

Example EV2k+ for B 407

EV2k+ Basic Kit for helicopter (TE-Art.-No. 45048) Application Kit for B 407
Balancer Bracket for vibration sensor
Velocimeter Bracket for Photocell
Magnetic Pickup, Photocell Bracket for Optical Tracker (if needed)
Brackets for sensors Manual for B 407
Strobex or FasTrak Kit
Case, pocket scale
Software for PC
Reflectore Stripes, Manuals
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