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Developed in collaboration with Powervamp, the Coolspool 410 28V DC battery cart is designed for use on DC regional jets (ERJs) and DC turboprop aircraft in scheduled airline services. Using maintenance-free ultrahigh- discharge TPVRLA (thin plate valve regulated lead acid) batteries, the Coolspool 410 delivers the combination of instant high amps for starting with the key feature of guaranteed pure DC waveform, essential for the highly sensitive electronics on some modern DC aircraft.

Typical applications:

  • High flexibility
  • Use on the airfield and in the hangar
  • Continuous current plus starting engines
  • Weatherproof housing for maintenance-free batteries

The Coolspool 410 battery cart has proved itself as a direct replacement for diesel ground power at the ramp. Operating at a fraction of the cost of a diesel GPU, the Coolspool 410 delivers huge cost savings for airlines.

Its zero carbon footprint and noiseless operation also benefit operators with its environmental and marketing advantages, while its total silence significantly improves the working conditions of ramp personnel through the absence of fatiguing noise.

Proven over many years of service since their first introduction more than 12 years ago, the large Coolspool carts are rapidly gaining in popularity as regional airlines in the Caribbean, Pacific, South America, the UK and Europe expand their turboprop fleets and seek ways to reduce operating costs.

With its low initial capital investment and very low operating costs, the Coolspool 410 has proved to be the perfect GPU where new destinations or infrequent services demand cautious investment.

The simplicity of operation and lack of maintenance makes the Coolspool 410 ideal for use at smaller airports, where gate agents or airline personnel often perform multiple tasks.

At major hubs, a regional airline with multiple departures using the Coolspool 410 as the source of its ground power an expect to experience substantial annual fuel and maintenance savings.


  • High powered sealed lead acid AGM batteries

  • Cleared for air transportation
  • 75A, 28V DC external charger with harsh environment input cable and plug
  • Engine start counter
  • Roof-mounted ‘Power On’ beacon with low voltage alarm
  • Corrosion resistant galvanized frame with aluminium panels and mudguards
  • Roof-mounted cable storage container
  • Cold weather protection/anti-cold soak insulation
  • Foot operated parking brake
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Rear suspension
  • Replaceable side and rear bumpers
  • Spare wheel (supplied loose)
  • Aircraft cable with heavy-duty NATO connector
  • Heavy-duty output isolator with replaceable contacts
  • Security ‘R’ clip isolator lock
  • Solid state voltmeter/ammeter with ‘push to view’ feature


  • Peak amps**: 4700A 
  • Nominal voltage: 26V or 28V DC depending on model 
  • Standing voltage: 27.8V DC or 30V DC depending on model 
  • Amp/hour capacity: 410 Ah @ 10 hr rate (20°C) 
  • Operating temp: -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to + 122°F) 
  • Case: Galvanized steel frame with alloy panels 
  • Voltmeter/Ammeter: Solid state LED, IP65 
  • Aircraft cable: 4m (13ft) with heavy-duty rubber NATO connector 
  • Tow eye dimensions: 50mm (2in)

Externes BC80-Ladegerät

  • Type: 75A 2-stage external charger 180–264V AC/47–63Hz/single phase 
  • Input current: 16A @ 230V AC 20A @ 180V AC/single phase (typical) 
  • Input cable: 1m with 16A 3 pin 6h blue plug 
  • Cooling: Forced ventilation 
  • Protections: Thermal, current overload, short circuit, over voltage 
  • Dimensions: L 435mm (17in) x W 135mm (5in) x H 340mm (13in) 
  • Weight: 11kg (24lb)

** Peak amps is a theoretical calculation of the instantaneous current from a momentary dead short across the battery terminals. It is not representative of the power delivered at the aircraft plug due to cable losses and other factors. This figure is only shown for comparative purposes.

Coolspool 130 Coolspool 260 Coolspool 410
Voltage: 28 V
Current: 4000 A 8000 A 4700 A
Capacity: 130 Ah 260 Ah 410 Ah
Weight: 157 kg 270 kg 500 kg


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