Coolspool Combination - starter battery - 28 V DC

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This Combi-GPU was developed to supply the avionics / air conditioning with continuous current and to start most 28V turbines and turboprop aircraft. This user-friendly ground power device is configured for various requirements. In addition to the length of the cables, the assignment of the connectors, the power of the power supplies and the capacity of the batteries can also be selected.

From 100 A to 300 A and 43 Ah to 114 Ah, we put together the right GPU for your application so that you can flexibly supply and take off power to the aircraft without any problems.

Typical applications:

  • Protect the on-board batteries
  • Several starts per day
  • Take off reliably




  • Modular design with up to 3 power supplies for redundancy

  • 28 V DC output with low ripple for sensitive avionics
  • Ultra-high-performance, maintenance-free lead batteries for multiple turbine starts
  • Adjustable output voltage via control panel
  • Battery capacity indicator, voltmeter and ammeter
  • Power switch on / off
  • LED status indicators of the power supply
  • Emergency switch
  • Aircraft cable with NATO plug
  • Input cable with plug for harsh environmental conditions
  • Low resistance casters for easy movement
  • Corrosion-resistant assembly made of stainless steel and aluminum
  • Interchangeable air filters allow outdoor use
  • Civilian or military use
  • Approved for air transportation

CSC 100 CSC 200 CSC 300
voltage: 28 V
output current: 100 A 200 A 300 A
peak amps: 2400 A 4800 A 5000 A
capacity 43 Ah 86 Ah 114 Ah
weight: 86 kg 115 kg 147 kg


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