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The AERO Specialties JetGo 900 is a groundbreaking development in our line of JetGo aircraft ground power units. Utilizing modern production methods and materials, we have created the most outstanding 28V GPU available. The all-new futuristic design, active aircraft safety features and reliable performance ensure that the JetGo 900 will be the dominant choice for your 28V ground power requirements.

Typical applications:

  • Flexible electricity
  • Hangar and airfield
  • Recycling old Jet A1 / JPB
  • All DC helicopters
  • DC regional jets and tuboprops


JetGo 900
Voltage 28 V
Continuous current 800 A
Electricity 2000 A

This revolutionary GPU incorporates the highest continuous amperage in its class along with superior, safe starting amperage from the hybrid design. Featuring the well-proven water cooled Deutz 2.9TD Tier IV final engine, the JetGo 900 is designed to perform in the most arduous environments and the busiest of ramps.

Industry leading 30’, 4/0 output cables including standard active thermal disconnect protection and long lasting ‘hardtip’ connector, standard LED floodlights, standard active overvolt protection systems, and standard OptiTune™ fine voltage adjustment on every unit ensures that this unit will be suitable and safe for every 28V DC aircraft.

The JetGo 900 features a galvanized heavy duty trailer, oversized cable trays with rollers for easy deployment of output cables, rear suspension, and rugged fifth wheel towing system designed for demanding airline ramps.


  • Fuel-efficient diesel-hybrid design will run ~25 hours at 50% load

  • EPA Tier 4 Final compliant Deutz 2.9TD engine (does not require DEF)
  • Fully galvanized heavy-duty trailer with torsional suspension system and fifth-wheel steering with towbar
  • Protective galvanized steel bumpers
  • 800 amps continuous and 2,000 amps peak performance (>2,000 amps in conjunction with standard hybrid battery system)
  • Integrated digital MPC 10 generator controller with digital display allows for monitoring of engine and generator parameters
  • OptiTune™ feature allows for fine adjustment of output voltage from a nominal 27.0-29.0V
  • Blue “Hi-Viz” running lights
  • Overhead cable tray lighting
  • Standard LED adjustable flood lights
  • Standard low fuel “Hi Viz” warning beacons
  • Integrated USB charger
  • Turbine start redundancy utilizing unique hybrid battery design
  • Civil or military use
  • Complies with ISO 6858
  • Cleared for air transportation when drained of fluids
  • The optional PBS (Power Boost System) is a regenerative power source that maintains the voltage during the initial start sequence. It delivers faster, cooler starts. It has extremely low internal impedance. It is maintenance free throughout its life and has a design life of over 1,000,000 cycles. This system helps extend battery life.

** Note: If using Jet A1, JP8 or similar, some loss of power will occur compared to diesel due to jet fuel’s lower calorific value. ++ Lead required


Engine Specs

  • Fuel efficient Deutz 2.9TD 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine 
  • 24V engine electrical system 
  • 74hp, 2,400 RPM 
  • Automatic regulation of power output with instantaneous full power on demand 
  • Generator Performance: 800 amps continuous 28.5V and 2,000 amps 10 secs 
  • Hybrid performance (standard operation): In excess of 2,000 amps >10secs available utilizing hybrid batteries in conjunction with generator. <0.1 ripple.

Fuel Consumption

  • 1.2 gallons/hr (4.54 liters/hr) at 50% load

Fuel Tank Capacity

  • 35 US gallons (132.5 liters) 
  • Corrosion proof polypropylene tank 
  • Approximately 25 hours run time at 50% load 
  • Low fuel warning activation at 10% remaining 
  • Electronic fuel shut off at 5% fuel remaining

Hybrid Battery System

  • Dual Northstar NSB 190FT-HT RED 12V (Pure Lead) cells 
  • Zero maintenance AGM construction (1700 CCA)

Emission Compliance

  • Environmentally friendly, fuel efficient EPA Tier 4f compliant

Output Cable

  • Industry leading 30’, 4/0 output cables including standard active thermal disconnect protection and long lasting ‘hardtip’ connector

Engine Displays & Instruments

  • MPC 10 Digital Generator Controller 
  • CANbus monitor reads engine and operating parameters 
  • Built in alarms and fault code reporting 
  • Service indicator 
  • Modular solid state ‘plug and play’ relay system 
  • Low oil, high temp, overspeed, underspeed, overvolt, low fuel, overcrank monitoring 
  • Programmed clearance lighting incorporating flashing warning/alarm function 
  • Active backlit digital volt & amperage gauges 
  • Active overvolt control 
  • Fine volt adjustment panel control 27.2V – 29.2V 
  • Low amperage limit selection (“helicopter function”) 
  • Two standard LED adjustable flood lights 
  • USB charger 
  • Military grade IP 67 actuation switches with homogenous lighting 
  • E Stop and battery isolator switches


  • Fully galvanized heavy-duty trailer and dual oversized illuminated cable storage bins 
  • Cable tray rollers allow for easy deployment of output cables 
  • Torsional suspension system 
  • Heavy duty fifth wheel front axle and towbar assembly 
  • Wide, low roll resistance tires 
  • Protective galvanized steel bumpers 
  • Custom designed polypropylene foam filled enclosures 
  • Available in white/grey or orange/grey color combination 
  • Industry leading 30’, 4/0 output cables including standard active thermal disconnect protection and long lasting ‘hardtip’ connector 
  • MIL-SPEC MS3506 cable heads with internal fused link

*Fuel Consumption data as shown above can vary. The calculation stated is a factor of theoretical fuel usage generated from onboard fuel prediction software and may not accurately represent the actual conditions under which this equipment is operated.

Uncrated Dimensions: 

  • 126” L X 59” W X 66” H (3.2 x 1.5 x 1.7 m) 
  • 2,985 lbs. (1,354 kg.)
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