O2N2 Carts (Oxygen/Nitrogen)

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The sturdy powder coated steel frame and simple design of our O2 / N2 systems make it a leading industry solution that offers superior durability and easy maintenance. The regulators of our systems realize an effortless installation on built-in brackets, while tiltable bottle racks allow loading and unloading with minimal effort.

Typical applications:

  • Transport of oxygen and nitrogen bottles
  • Booster from the bottle or compressed air system
  • Can be moved with a tow bar or by hand
  • Weighing for 2-, 3- and 4-bottle systems

We would also be happy to supply you with the appropriate spare parts.


O2N2 Carts (Oxygen/Nitrogen)

Boosters in various designs
1-bottle hand trolley
2-bottle nitrogen low-high pressure hand trolley
2-bottle nitrogen hand trolley (complete)
2-bottle oxygen hand cart
2-bottle oxygen hand cart (complete, hangar)
2-bottle oxygen hand cart (complete, remote)
2-bottle hand trolley
2-Bottle Tilt 'N' Tow Nitrogen Service Car (complete)
2-Bottle Tilt, 'N' Tow oxygen service car (complete, hangar)
2-Bottle Tilt 'N' Tow Oxygen Service Car (complete, remote)
2-bottle tilt 'n' tow (only the cart)
3-bottle dual service trolley (complete)
3-bottle service trolley (only the trolley)
3-bottle nitrogen service trolley (complete)
3-bottle oxygen service car (complete, hangar)
3-bottle oxygen service trolley (complete, remote)
4-bottle dual service trolley (complete)
4-bottle nitrogen service trolley (complete)
4-bottle oxygen service car (complete, hangar)
4-bottle oxygen service trolley (complete, remote)
4-bottle service trolley (only the trolley)
4-bottle tiltable dual service trolley (complete)
4-bottle tiltable nitrogen service trolley (complete)
4-bottle tiltable oxygen service trolley (complete, hanger)
4-bottle tiltable oxygen service trolley (complete, remote)
4-bottle tiltable oxygen or nitrogen trolley (only the trolley)


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