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The Iron Tire aircraft flat tire dolly is specifically designed to be used on airplanes with a flat tire, making it quick and painless for any one-person to recover a disabled aircraft from your runway or taxiway. This ability to easily move wheels & flat tires ensures that your airport remains open for air-traffic and business.

Typical applications:

  • Method of aircraft with flat tires
  • Use the apron again quickly
  • Up to 8t load capacity
  • Universal for every tow bar and every truck
  • For nose, tail or main landing gear

Can be moved in any direction due to multidimensional frame.


The Aircraft Breakdown Truck is specially designed for use on aircraft with a flat tire, making it quick and easy for one person to recover a damaged aircraft from your runway or tarmac. This ability to easily move wheels and flat tires ensures that your airport remains open for air traffic and business.


  • 18,000 lbs. Towing capacity
  • No mechanics, spare parts or aircraft-specific jacks are required to clear the runway or taxiway, saving you time, money and storage space
  • Complete operation in less than five minutes
  • Manoeuvring and operation by a single person
  • Can be used for the nose, stern or main landing gear
  • Designed for versatility for use on rigid and retractable undercarriages as well as low and high wing aircraft
  • Allows you to quickly and easily take the aircraft to the maintenance hangar for repair
  • Uses a universal towbar attachment at both ends

The Iron Tire has a weight capacity of 18,000 lbs., covering a large variety of single and twin engine airplanes.

The Iron Tire is equipped with two universal tow bar attachments so the dolly can be quickly towed to the airplane and easily moved around the hangar.

The Iron Tire can be used on a flat tire no matter what condition the flat is in. If the tire is off of the bead, shredded, bound in a brake caliper, or just simply flat, our product will still get the job done.

The Iron Tire does not touch any part of the airplane other than the tire itself. This protects the user from causing further physical damage to aircraft components such as brake lines, linkages, seals, shrouds, paint, or other structural parts.

The Iron Tire does not require the aircraft to move or roll when being used. In fact, aircraft mechanics providing design feedback suggest not rolling a flat tire even a few inches.

Because the device only has heavy duty swivel casters, perfect alignment of the device with the aircraft is not an issue since the product is self-aligning (extending the lifetime of the casters).

The Iron Tire has a multi-directional frame and does not rely on single-direction pulleys or wenches. This makes the process of separating the aircraft from the dolly quick and easy.

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