RF Chambers


We offer a broad range of RF measurement chambers and RF enclosures.

These chambers providing the suitable environments for many applications and measurements. Reference measurements during production, Measurements to compare with a master unit in the laboratory, functional tests during development stages and in production, in-line testing, …

Full customization is one of the keys for the success with these chambers. Various sizes and dimensions, fixed mounted or mobile on wheels, with shielding or without shielding, various absorber layout for optimization to a certain frequency or frequency range, big choice of protected feedthrough connectors to supply the test units (DUT) in the chamber, feedthrough filters like SMA, N, BNC, Sub-D, USB, LAN, Waveguide, fiber optic, …

As small size alternative to our measuring chambers, we offer mobile measurement boxes as well. In the laboratory it is very easy to have a measurement environment with a certain absorption available. The box can be easy stored under the table.

Click here to download the brochure "RF Shielding and Absorber Chamber Model MMK"

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