RF Switches & Relais

The TEleRel microwave switches or RF switches are electromechanic relais to switch RF signals. These switches are very often used in RF and microwave test systems.
We offer a broad range of RF switches like single Pole, double throw (SPDT), or single pole, multiple throw (SPnT) up to SP18T, or transfer switches, or double pole, double throw (DPDT), or bypass switches.

We have a lot of these products ex stock available or with very short delivery time. The frequency range starts from DC up to 40 GHz.
The switches can be integrated e.g. into a customized switch box. Please let us know your requirements. Further we can supply these RF switches with a lot of options e.g. housing, connectors, tailor-made control, high-performance version, ...

Please let us know your requirements. We can supply you very fast with small quantities from our stock with standard products or we can supply you with high quantities over years for your serial production.

Please get in touch with us and send us your requirements!

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