The WESCAM MX-8 is extremely compact:

  • Ideal for manned or unmanned aircraft
  • Very low weight
  • Electronics fully integrated in the housing
  • 4-axis stabilization for high-quality images
  • Thermal Imager
  • Color Lowlight Continuous Zoom (HD)
  • Laser Rangefinder and Laser Illuminator


  • 211 mm diameter
  • 262.5 mm Height
  • 6.8 kg


Missions & Platforms

Ideal for: Low-altitude Tactical Surveillance & SAR missions requiring low-weight installation flexibility 

Installations: Fixed-wing, Rotary-wing, UAV, Aerostat 

Product Features & Benefits

Compact Solution

  • 38 lb. turret 
  • < 14 in. turret height for better ground clearance / passive isolator built-in

Multi-Sensor Imaging/Lasing Payload Options

  • Currently supports up to 6 sensors simultaneously 
  • Superior HD imaging resolution from Electro-Optical (EO) camera 
  • High Sensitivity Color Camera 
  • High-Definition (HD) IR 
  • Pseudo-Colour IR 
  • Advanced Video Tracker (AVT) 
  • Embedded MTI 
  • Latest Enhancements – See video of technology enhancements

Enhanced Local Area Processing (ELAP)

  • Real-time image enhancement for EO day, EO night & Infrared

High Performance IMU & MX-GEO Software Suite

  • IMU & MX-GEO work to create accurate target location 
  • MX-GEO automatically aligns to the aircraft 
  • Robust automatic image focus

Uncompromised Stabilization

  • 4-axis gimbal with internal IMU 
  • All payloads are fully stabilized

WESCAM MX-Series Commonality

  • Common operator interfaces and Hand Controller Units (HCUs) 
  • Simplified interchangeability 
  • Efficiencies in support and technology enhancements

Additional Information

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